The Research Institute of Power Drive and Control

The Research Institute of Power Drive and Control was established according to the construction plan of key discipline “Power Electronics and Drive” formulated by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. It is the carrier of key discipline and doctoral program of Power Electronics and Drive. Within SMU, it associates the personnel of this discipline working in different colleges and departments to carry out a series of tasks such as building of discipline, scientific research, postgraduates teaching, thesis instruction, part of undergraduates teaching and graduation design instruction. To the outside society, it facilitates the program acceptance and academic exchanges, working on sever national and provincial key scientific research programs. A regards exchanges and cooperation, our institute has established science and technology cooperation ties with French Navy Academy and science and technology cooperation program signed by China and Poland is well on the way.

Currently, the main fields of study of our institute are as follows:

Power Drive and Control System and Intelligent Process of Information

Power Electronics Equipment and Simulation

Traffic Control Technology and System

Power Electronics Fault diagnosis and Electromagnetic Survey Technology

In recent years, the research of Power drive and control system focuses on Maritime Transportation Equipment Drive and Control , the research of Computer Simulation Technology on Navigation Simulator, the research of Intelligent Information and Intelligent Control on Monitoring of Port and Navigation System Fault Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control.