Sino-Dutch Mechatronics Engineering College

●General Introduction

Authorized by the Ministry of Education in 2006, Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) cooperate with Hogeschool Zeeland (HZ), the Netherlands, in two joint undergraduate programs, namely Mechatronics Engineering (ME) and Electrical Engineering and Intellectual Control (EE&IC). Sino-Dutch Mechatronics Engineering College is the secondary college of SMU holding the two programs and Sino-Dutch Mechatronics Engineering Department was founded in May, 2010.

HZ is a public university in the Netherlands in applied sciences, and well accomplished in Engineering and Business. HZ offers 24 undergraduate programs and 4 graduate programs and has very good academic reputation in the Netherlands and the Europe.

The curriculum of the two joint undergraduate programs is designed by the two universities, and the courses are taught by the teachers from both sides mainly with the original textbooks. After finishing the first 5 semesters study in SMU, the students will be sent to HZ for further study in the next 3 semesters.

The Graduation Certificate of SMU and the Bachelor Degree of People’s Republic of China will be awarded as well as the Course Certificate of HZ when the students have fulfilled all the academic requirements in their majors. Outstanding students will be recommended either to universities in Europe and USA for higher education or to work in the European enterprises after their graduation.


Professor: XU Xiaoyan

Associate Professor: HE Junji,  XU Yuanyuan, YANG Zhensheng

Lecturers/Doctors: YAO Gang, WU Ying, HAO Zhiyong, ZHANG Weiguo, LIU Yuan, LIANG Jingmin, XIE Xiang, PENG Yue, LI Wei, ZHANG Pan, ZHOU Yuan

●Administrative leadership

Executive Vice Department Director: YAO Gang;            Assistant Department Director: WU Ying