SAIC Motor New Harbor Engine Factory

The major of Industrial Engineering has cooperated with SAIC Motor Corporation, Ltd.(SAIC Motor) at the time when it was set up. In the beginning, Sunwin Bus Corporation has signed a five-year practice agreement with our school as our off-campus practice base. In 2006, SAIC established its self-owned brand project office in Jinqiao. Our 2006’s students have taken part in the designing for engine assembly line and material warehouse. In 2007, SAIC Motor set up an engine assembly factory for its self-owned brand: Xingfu Motor in Baoshan. Our 2007’s students took part in engine assembly line installation, debugging, improvement and optimization, which were used in their graduation thesis writing. In 2008, SAIC Motor established the vehicle assembly and engine assembly factory in New Harbor City of Shanghai, and set up SAIC Motor New Harbor Base. The general party branch of our college set up cooperative relation with general party branch of SAIC Motor New Harbor Base, which became an off-campus practice base for the students to support and improve students’ internship, summer vacation internship and graduation thesis internship.

This stable and advanced base offered students a cognition, practice and training group to enhance the application of advanced manufacturing technology, organization of production and improvement, production logistics planning and implementation, which are the professional characteristics and advantages of this major. It has also become innovation base for the “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan”, which guarantees the innovative methods being used into application in enterprises. The innovative methods of the college could be improved by its application, which builds up a beneficial cycle.     In addition, a practice base for the engine assembly line of SAIC Motor is under planning. It would become the platform for transformation and optimization of engine assembly line of SAIC, which enables SAIC Motor to realize non-stop optimization scheme simulation. With the help of it, the students majored in Industrial Engineering are able to deepen and improve their study conveniently.