Postdoctoral Researchers

Shanghai Maritime University Electrical Automation Department sets Power Electronics and Electric Drives doctoral program, Electrical Engineering Doctoral Station, Electrical Engineering master degree first-level discipline program, Control Theory and Control Engineering master program, and there are three bachelor majors: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation and Monitoring Technology & Apparatus. This department has four teaching and research divisions for Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Circuit and Electronic Technique, Automation, Shipping Electrical Engineering. Moreover, there are Electrical drive and Control Research Institute and Electrical Automation Experimental Center. At the moment, “Port & Shipping Electrical Drive and Control” is key discipline of Shanghai Education Commission. The experimental center sets “Shanghai Maritime University- Schneider Electric Joint Laboratory” and “Shanghai Maritime University-The United States Apparatus digital signal processing scheme Joint Laboratory”.

Electrical Engineering Doctoral Station recruits some researchers every year. Contact departments:

Shanghai Maritime University Personnel Department postdoctoral office, Teacher Feng, contact number:

Shanghai Maritime University Electrical Automation Department, Teacher Shi, contact number: