Port and Marine Equipment

“SMU-Port and Marine Equipment Off-campus Practice Base” was established by our university and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd and it has been Shanghai high school exemplary practice base. Located in Block A, Floor 14 of head office of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (Dongfang Road 3261, Pudong District, Shanghai), it consists of one resident office, one student classroom and one teacher office, which can accommodate 43 office staffs, students and teachers at the same time. Offices, computer rooms, multi-media classrooms and small meeting rooms can all be found in this practice base. This base was officially opened in the afternoon of 26th March.
On the 9th March, this off-campus practice base ushered first group of students and  it has already undertook three tasks of graduation practice and cognition practice for 64 students and 10 teachers from majors of mechanical design, electrical, automation and measurement & control. During 19 weeks for continuous use, 5 young teachers and more than 10 graduate students had discontinuous internships in the base. There were 4 query-side container crane structure designs, 2 shipyard gantry crane structure designs and 2 cooperative research projects.
This off-campus practice base has already been equipped with software and hardware basically. Teachers and students are able to benefit from this formal off-campus internship base so that their work, study and research could be combined coherently.