Mechanical quality inspection and testing center of Shanghai Port

The mechanical quality inspection and testing center of Shanghai Port was established in 1987, with the qualification of metrological certification issued by State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It is the product testing organization with legal authorization that can present fair data publicly.

Our center has a staff of 14, both full-time and part-time. All of them have gained engineer qualification and been engaged in inspection and testing of port machinery for a long time, thus accumulating rich experience. Our center is also equipped with over 30 instruments and apparatus meeting the demands of inspection and testing. These equipments maintain normal working order according to the rules and a set of strict management rules and quality control measures have been established.

Since its establishment, our center has been responsible for the inspection and testing work of craning conveyance machine of multiple tonnages for units of manufacturing and utilization both affiliated and not affiliated to the Ministry of Transportation. Rich experience has been acquired especially in testing the fatigue of metal parts, evaluating the fatigue life, inspecting the working state and carrying out fault diagnosis of rotating bearings and reduction gearbox.

Our center is well prepared for offering services to enterprises and making contributions to the improvement of products quality, with “quality-oriented, perfect and efficient service” as our principle.

The safe operation and reliability of large port machinery guarantee the working order of the port. It is only through suitable tests and data analysis that we can appraise the reliability and safety of the equipments, thus ensuring the port is in working order. Our center guarantees the safe operation of these docks by testing the working state of large port machinery. Responsible for nearly half of the tests of equipments working state in the domestic docks, our center also plays an important role in ensuring the safe operation of port nationwide. CMAS is the result of our own research, which has not only been recognized by manufacturers of port handling equipment and docks both at home and abroad, but also been put into use in several docks. The technical achievements of CMAS was then put into teaching and research work, leading to the development of digital experiment system with mechanical dynamic properties, which was awarded in2004 the first prize of Shanghai Municipal Teaching Achievements.