Institute of Mechanical Engineering Design

Institute of Mechanical Engineering Design of Shanghai Maritime University is engaged in the design of port hoisting and conveying machinery, and performance test and reliability analysis. It has done much work in design research and engineering test of the three main modals (bulk grab ship unloader, bulk continuous loading machine and dockside container crane) and large floating crane with large lifting height. The Institute has made its due contribution to the development of engineering technology of port machinery. During the last ten years, the Institute has conducted broad communication and cooperation with large industrial and mining enterprises and made a series of achievements as follows:

1. High grab drum turbine obtained the third prize of 1993 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

2. 2500T/H bridge-type grab ship unloader won the second-class prize of 2001 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

3. It has independently researched and developed Crane State Assessment System (CMAS), which is already applied in many domestic and abroad container enterprises. According to the experts’ evaluation, CMAS reached the international advanced level.

4. Working with the cooperation of Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Corporation and Shanghai Port Machinery Plant, the Institute designed many large harbor facilities which were put into practice successfully, including the Asian No1 and World No.2 2500T/H bridge-type grab ship unloader in Qingdao port, the world first Automatic double-trolley container loading bridge(Hamburg, Germany), bulk ship loader in Santos port in Brazil, 1600T floating crane with the highest lifting height and the largest weight at home, nuclear submarine tooling steering machine and testing rotating platform, Jiangsu Tieben bucket wheel stacker reclaimer and so on.

During recent years, the Institute has persisted in applying the new technologies and methods into port machinery. It has cultivated a team with theoretical knowledge and practical experience as well as the ability to conduct research and develop port machinery. It’s also dedicated to conducting the basic theory research of port machinery and applying theories to companies. The Institute enjoys good reputation through providing technical services to large enterprises featuring ports, electric power, metallurgy, and foreign investment.