Experiment Center of Electrical Automation

The Electrical Automation Experimental Center in Logistics Engineering College was established in September 2003, integrated from equipment resources and human resources of the original electric drive control laboratory and automated laboratory with total construction area about 2000 square meters.

Experimental Center of Electrical Automation Electrical mainly responsible for experiment teaching to undergraduate and graduate students, undergraduate curriculum design, internship, graduation design and innovation in practice, on subjects of Electrical Engineering and Automation, automation, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, electrical engineering and intelligent control (China and Netherland program), mechanical and electronic engineering, mechanical design manufacturing and automation, thermal energy and power engineering, marine engine engineering, ship electronics electrical engineering, and so on. It relates to about 39 undergraduate theory courses, including " automatic control theory" , " computer control system" , " power electronics technology" , " ship power station" , " ship electric drive system "," process control ","measurement technology and sensor". The experimental projects relates to these courses covering basic experiment, comprehensive experiment and design experiment, with total experimental projects reaching more than 100.

The experimental center of electrical automation consists of main engine remote control laboratory, application of digital signal processor's laboratory, modern control theory laboratory, power electronic devices laboratory, power electronics and drive laboratory, technology of electric power supply laboratory, programmable logical control laboratory, microcomputer software and network laboratory, industrial networking laboratory, motion control laboratory, innovative activities laboratory, process control laboratory, principles of automatic control laboratory, marine engineering automatization laboratory, sensors and testing technology laboratory, electrical control laboratory, electrical technology practice laboratory and shipboard power system and automatic power station laboratory.

After years of continuous renovation and construction, experiment center of electrical automation has been improved and updated, with a number of advanced experimental equipment and experimental means compatible with scientific and technological development. Some distinctive laboratories have been set up.

Digital signal process application laboratory is jointly set up by Shanghai Maritime University and Texas Instruments, with area of about 120 square meters, equipped with the TMS320F2812 experimental teaching and development system, CCS development software and multimedia teaching equipment. It can be used for the experiments of "DSP Principles and Applications" ,"computer control systems" and other related courses. DSP Laboratory provides a better innovative practice activity platform for students in the college, and also provides experimental research support for research activities of teachers, researchers, doctoral students and postgraduate students.

Shipboard power system and automation power station laboratory is jointly set up by Shanghai Maritime University and Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. , also known as the "Shanghai Maritime University - Schneider Electric Joint Laboratory". It launched on October 18, 2009, with an area of about 120 square meters, which can be used for experiments of multiple courses related to ship electrical automation, such as ship automation power station and its PMS, ship power system and its protection, programmable controller and ship electric technology, and so on. It also undertakes tasks, such as crew training, harbour superintendence evaluation, meanwhile the laboratory provides a platform for postgraduates and doctoral students to carry out the ship energy data analysis, simulation studies, and ship energy efficiency research and development program .

The main engine remote control laboratory and marine engine automation laboratory have remote control system, main engine cooling water temperature simulation control system, main engine fuel viscosity Simulation control system,  cabin monitoring and alarm system, which are independently researched and developed experiment equipment of marine engineering and automation experimental equipment. They undertake tasks, such as professionals training of marine engineering, the ship electrical engineering and harbour superintendence crew assessment .

In the Experiment Center of Electrical Automation, there are one part-time director, and 6 full-time laboratory technicians, among whom there are 1 associate professor, 1 senior engineer,  and 5 engineers and 6 people enjoying master's degree. 


Shi Hong   Pu Xiaolian  Shen Yuxia  Yang jinbin Liu Wei  Liu Zhao

Main Laboratory

1. Shipboard Power System and Automatic Power Station Lab

2. Power Electronic and Drive  Lab

3. Process Control Lab

4. Application of Digital Signal processor's  Lab

5. Principle of Automatic Control Lab

6. Electrical Control Lab

7. Programmable logical control  Lab

8. Modern Control  Theory Lab

9. Marine Engineering Automatization Lab

10. Electrical Technics  Practice Lab

11. Technology of Electric Power Supply Lab

12. Sensors and Testing Technology Lab

13. Industrial Networking Lab

14. Power Electronic Device Lab

15. Press Measurement And Monitoring Lab

1. Shipboard Power System and Automatic Power Station Lab

Major equipment: Generator sets、Main generator control panel、Emergency generator control panel、Load box、Battery charge and discharge device、Operating device of the ship power plant training assessment

Experimental project:

(1)The plesiochronous parallel operation、decoupling and load transfer

(2)The test of the generator voltage regulator Characteristics

Lab Manager: Shen Yuxia   TEL:(86)021-38282661

2. Power Electronic and Drive  Lab

Major Equipment :

MCL-II-type electric motor and control teaching experiment platform(motor speed control) , 15sets

MCL-II-type electric motor and control teaching experiment platform(Motor drive) ,15sets

Experiment Project :

(1)Thyristor DC speed control system main unit debugging

(2) Study on static characteristics of Irreversible single close loop DC speed regulating system

(3)Irreversible double closed-loop thyristor DC speed control system

(4) Dual closed-loop variable voltage control system of three-phase asynchronous motors

(5) Frequency Control System of DSP-based vector transformation control

(6) Single-phase transformer experiments

(7) Three-phase transformer experiment

(8) DC motors recognize experiment

(9) DC shunt motor experiment

(10) Squirrel-cage three-phase AC induction motor experiment

(11) Wound three-phase AC induction motor experiment

(12) Two-speed asynchronous motor experiment

(13) DC shunt generator experiments

Lab Manager: Pu Xiaolian   TEL:(86)021-38282661

3. Process Control Lab

Major equipment:5 TKJK - type 1 process control experiment equipments, 1 THJ - type 2 advanced process control experiment equipment, 1 A3000 type DCS advanced process control experiment equipment, Top7.

Experiment Project :

(1) Intelligent regulator debugging

(2) Electric controller PID parameter correction

(3)Application of PPI/PC communication cable, MCGS software single capacity level control

(4)The overall structure of the distributed control system is introduced and understanding

(5) FF bus in the application of process control system

(6) Flow control system

(7) Liquid level cascade control system

(8) A type of temperature control

(9) Double let water tank level PID control system

(10) Temperature continuous control system

(11) Single let water tank level/pressure PID control

Lab Manager: Yang Jinbin   TEL:(86)021-38282661

4. Application of Digital Signal processor's  Lab

Major equipment:computer, SEED-DTK2812 experimental box, as well as the corresponding hardware emulator.

Experiment Project:

(1)DSP data access experimental

(2)Timer control experiments

(3)AD collection experiment

(4)Digital I / O experiment - traffic lights experiment

(5)PWM output experiment - DC motor control experiment

(6)PWM output experiment - stepper motor control experiment

Lab Manager: Pu Xiaolian   TEL:(86)021-38282661

5. Principle of Automatic Control Lab

Major equipment:

Principle of automatic control experiment box

Experiment Project:

(1)Basic link experiment

(2)Transient process quality indicator estimation experiment

(3)Steady-state error experiment

(4)Stability experiment

(5)The time domain response of the second-order system

(6)Control system stability analysis

Lab Manager: Shi Hong  Yang Jinbin   TEL:(86)021-38282661

6. Electrical Control Lab

Major Equipment : The relay control experiments board ,40sets   The comprehensive electrical control experimental apparatus,20sets 

Experiment Project :

(1) Basic relay control circuit for three-phase asynchronous motors

(2) AC induction motor reversible operation control circuit failure analysis, find and exclusion

(3) Three-phase AC induction motor reduced voltage starting

(4) Understanding of the commonly used low-voltage electrical

(5) Electrical control Comprehensive experimental

Lab Manager: Pu Xiaolian   TEL:(86)021-38282661

7. Programmable logical control  Lab

Major Equipment :

THPLC-1A-type Integrated electrical control laboratory bench,36sets Computer,37sets     THWDZF-1A-type the trolley motion control system mock-ups,18sets

THPLC-DT-type the object teaching model of the four-story elevator

Experiment Project :

PLC Basic experiment

(1)PLC cognitive experiments

(2) Delay control experiment

(3) Timing control experiments

(4) Lighting control experiments

(5) Sequence control experiments

(6) Digital tube display experiment

(7) Cabin pump automatic switching control experiments

(8) Motor positive inversion control experiment

(9) The motor star triangle for access start control experiments

(10) The motor star triangle Delay start control for access experimental

(11) Analog input and output control experiments

PLC System control experiments

(1)The trolley motion control system physical model control

(2) The four elevators physical teaching model control

Lab Manager: Pu Xiaolian   TEL:(86)021-38282661

8. Modern Control  Theory Lab

Modern Control Theory Lab is founded in 2002, the main teaching equipment  is linear inverted pendulum, inverted pendulum is not just a good teaching laboratory instruments, and also ideal experimental platform for control theory research. The lab focused on modern control theory (Shanghai Maritime University, university key courses) the related theoretical knowledge, so that practice lessons and theory lessons are very well connected.

Major equipment: linear inverted pendulum, MicroPower Follow-up System.


(1)Linear single inverted pendulum PID control experiment
(2)Linear single inverted pendulum root locus control experiment
(3)The state space pole placement control experiments

Lab Manager: Liu Wei   TEL:(86)021-38282661

9. Marine Engineering Automatization Lab

Major equipment:

Main engine remote control experimental equipments

Main engine cooling water temperature simulation control system

Main engine fuel viscosity Simulation control system

Engine room monitoring and alarm system

MARK- 5 oil mist concentration alarm equipment

Boiler water level control experimental equipments

Experiment Project :

(1) The differential pressure transmitter operation and adjustment

(2) The PID regulator operation and adjustment

(3) Display instrument operation and adjustment

(4) Fuel viscosity control system operation and management

(5) The temperature of the cooling water control system operation and management

(6) Crankcase oil mist concentration monitoring device operation

(7)Engine room monitor and alarm system operation

(8) The switch alarm test

(9) Analog alarm test

(10) Reading of the analog parameters and alarm value setting

(11) Main engine remote control logic program control

(12)Main engine remote control system parameter adjustment

(13) Main engine remote control system manipulate

(14) Main engine security protection system simulation test

(15) Main engine remote control system failure analysis and elimination

(16) Auxiliary boiler combustion timing control system operating

Lab Manager: Shi Hong  Yang Jinbin   TEL:(86)021-38282661

10. Electrical Technics  Practice Lab

Major Equipment:

Electrical Technology Practice common device, Multimeter,Megger, Current Clamp Multimeter  , Electric motor  , Electrical control fault diagnosis box,  Wire and cable,  Common tools etc.

Experiment Project :

(1)Training of Electrical and automatic control practical operation for third and fourth engineer on the 750KW and above ship

(2)Professional Practice

Lab Manager: Shen Yuxia   TEL:(86)021-38282661

11. Technology of Electric Power Supply Lab

Major equipment:Supply and distribution integrated experimental platform、High voltage switchgear、Supply and distribution system device、Three-speed cargo winch、The pump automatically switch startup box

Experimental project:

(1)High pressure automatic air switch experiment

(2)VS-1 mounted vacuum high voltage switchgear comprehensive experiment

(3)The variable pole governor Crane machine control line experiment

(4)Automatic alternation control circuit of pump experiment

(5)DW generator control simulated operating device experiment

Lab Manager: Shen Yuxia   TEL:(86)021-38282661

12. Sensors and Testing Technology Lab

Major equipment: THQC-type sensor element experiment box, computer.

Experimental project:

(1)Thermal resistance temperature characteristics experiment
(2)DC excitation Hall sensor displacement characteristics experiment
(3)Metal foil strain gauge experiment
(4)Performance measurement of the differential transformer
(5)Differential transformer zero residual voltage measurement
(6)The displacement characteristic of the capacitance type sensor
(7)Characteristics of the integrated temperature sensor
(8)Excitation frequency influence on the differential transformer characteristics

Lab Manager: Shi Hong   TEL:(86)021-38282661

13. Industrial Networking Lab

Main equipment: 8 personal computers, 8 industrial automation comprehensive experiment equipments ,

Experimental project:

This laboratory can accomplish multiple teaching experiment related with industrial automation control technology , 

Lab Manager: Liu Wei    TEL:(86)021-38282661

14. Power Electronic Device Lab

Major equipment:NMCL teaching test platform、Dual trace oscilloscope、Modern power electronic devices experimental box

Experimental project:

(1)Sawtooth wave synchronous phase shift trigger circuit experiment

(2)Single-phase bridge fully controlled rectifier circuit experiment

(3)Single-phase bridge active inverter circuit experiment

(4)Three-phase bridge fully controlled rectifier and active inverter circuit experiment

(5)New type switch device performance test

(6)DC PWM chopper circuit experiment

(7)The performance of the switching power supply

Lab Manager: Shen Yuxia   TEL:(86)021-38282661

15.Process Measurement And Monitoring Laboratory

Process Measurement And Monitoring Laboratory mainly undertakes automation, measurement and control technology and instrument and other professional students in experimental teaching of the course "digital image processing foundation" task. Enable students to understand and grasp in practice the image processing technology, through the experiment course of study, make the students master the basic principle of digital image processing method and programming, image processing programming technology and its latest progress.

Major equipment: Visual experiment instrument, Computer .

The experiment content:
(1)Image gray-scale transformation experiment
(2)Geometric transformation experiment
(3)Image segmentation experiments
(4)Color transformation experiment

Lab Manager: Yang Jinbin   TEL:(86)021-38282661