Doctoral Programs

The authorization of Ph.D degree in this specialty was gained in 2000. Also it is the Key Discipline Projects on Power Electronic and Electric Drives supported by Shanghai Education Commission. There are some laboratories and research institutes such as the key laboratory of marine technology and control engineering of ministry of Communications, the Research Institute of Electric Drives and Control Systems, with 12 professors and an invited professor. Their research interesting focus on 4 areas: electric drives and control systems for the applications in ships or harbor equipments; power electronics technologies for the applications in renewable energy developments; intelligent information processing and intelligent control for the applications in state monitoring, fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for ship or harbor systems; power system control and optimization including system stable, control, optimization, management and intelligent methods.

Main Research Direction

Research Direction Title

Main Research Content

Graduate Student Tutors

Electric drive control systems and renewable energy conversion technologies

Research on power electronic technologies and their applications in renewable energy and power quality control; Electric drive systems and their applications in energy saving of marine systems or ship electric propulsion.

Tang Tianhao, Hu Xiong, et al

Power electronic equipment and automation technologies

Research on high power electric drive variable frequency control and system integration technologies for marine systems; Theory and method of signal processing and analysis for electric drives and motion control.

Gu Wei, Chu Jianxin, et al

Automatic testing of marine systems and intelligent information processing

Research on theory and technologies of data measurement, fault diagnosis and reliability for marine systems, power electronic devices and equipment.

Ye Yinzhong, Yin Wuliang, Zhu daqi, et al

Power system control and optimization

Research on principles and methods for power system stability, control, optimization, management and intelligent technologies; Research on power electronics and electric drives for marine power systems.

Wang Xihuai, Shi Weifeng, Xu Xiaoyan, et al