Department of Mechanical Engineering


The history of the Department of Mechanical Engineering can be traced back to 1960, when it was first founded as the Department of Ship and Port Machinary. From 1972 to 1986 its name was the Department of Hoisting and Conveying Machinery.In 1987 it renamed as the Department of Mechanics,and the present name in 1996.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering consists of three majors for the master graduate students, Mechanical Design and Theory, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Manufacture and Automation,and a mechanical (specialty-free recruitment) major which will be divided to two professions in the second grade,the Mechanical Engineering and Automation and the Mechanical Electronic Engineering (Mechanical).At present,there are three teaching and researching sections and one experimental center in our department.The Electronic Engineering of Port Machinery is a key disciplines in Shanghai.The major of Mechanical Design and Theory was listed as a key discipline by the Shanghai Education Committee in 2001.The profession of Mechanical Engineering and Automation is one of the Shanghai College Heights of Key Construction Projects,and in 2008 it was classified as national characteristic specialty,in 2009 it  was entitled the first prize for teaching achievement of Shanghai. Our Department has established practice bases outside school with well-known shipping companies like Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Company Limited and so on.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has formed a relatively mature academic positions and has a good reputation in the corresponding academic fields.In the teaching aspect,our department has a complete theoretical study and engineering training system with port and shipping characteristics features and gets lots of teaching achievements,such as two Shanghai master teachers,two Shanghai quality courses and three university-level quality courses.The Department also has lots of scientific research achievements in the field of port handling machinery , industrial rigging design, machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, machine CAD, laser quenching, repair welding technology and quality inspection.We have won several prizes for teaching and scientific research achievements awarded by the Nation, the Department of Transportation and the Shanghai city. Every year there are many academic theses published on the domestic and international academic conferences and academic journals. We also maintain exchanges and contacts with domestic and foreign academics.


Professors: Hu Xiong, Zheng Su, Hong Lei, Dong Dashan, Shi Weichen, Zhu Fumin, Song Guangmin

Associate Professors: Wang Yuemin, Huang Wanjuan, Luo Hongxia, Shi Juan, Wu Jiangwei, Mei Xiao, Yin Li, Li Yong, Xu Xiuzhong, Shan Baoyu, Sun Shibin, Liu Long, Tong Gang

Lecturers / Doctors: Wang Guoliang, Zang Zhaoliang, Wang Haishan, Li Guowei, Huang Jiahui, Wang Jianguo, Shen Ying, Zhang Qi, Teng Yuanyuan, Qiao Zhen, Liu Haiyang, Jia Hongxia, Chen Jutao, Wang Wei, Chen Ziqiang, Tong Minhui, Yu Zhixiong, Chen Feng, Wang Ran, Zhang Pan, Li Wei, Zhang Chuan, Gu Bangping

Department Director: Li Yong

●Deputy Department Director: Mei Xiao