Department of Industrial Engineering


Department of Industrial Engineering, formerly with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the same organization, was independent in 2002.

The department has two undergraduate programs (Industrial Engineering and Logistics Engineering) and one doctoral program (Logistics Engineering). There are two teaching and research sections (Industrial Engineering and Logistics Engineering) and one training center in the campus. Logistics Engineering was bestowed by Shanghai Education Commission a key project for developing its education program.

The department has several laboratories and training rooms, such as digital logistics, the fundamental industrial engineering, high-rack three-dimensional warehouse, port logistics, three-dimensional virtual simulation and so on. Since the establishment, the department has corporations with the industries for the engineering training of the students. The department has several intern areas such as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Shanghai Container Terminals Limited, Tianjin Port (Group) Corporation, Tianjin Port Logistics Development Corporation and et al. These areas can be arranged for practice teaching, summer internship and graduate design. These programs can develop the pragmatic spirit of the students, enhance their practical ability, especially the ability of analyzing and solving complex engineering problems, and improve their employability and competitiveness.

Since 2009, the juniors have a 20 weeks internship at Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. There is an excellent engineer training scheme since 2011 which is supported by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Since 2012, the excellent students are selected to form an experimental class of modern industrial engineering. They will study at SMU for the first two years and then go to USA to finish their last 2 years education at University of New Haven.


Professors: Mi Weijian

Associate Professors: Cheng Yongkang, Dong Liangcai, Shi Xiaowei, Hu Hongtao, Zhao Ning

Lecturers / Doctors:  Shu Fan,  Tian Yu, Jin Peiqing, Zhou Na, Yang Xiaoming

Division:Teaching Group of Industrial Engineering

●Deputy Director of Department: Dong Liangcai