Department of Electrical Automation


Department of Electrical Automation, formerly known as the Department of Electrical Engineering, was founded in 1988. Merged with the Department of Marine Engineering as the Department of Marine and Electrical Engineering, in 1991. The Department of Navigation and the Department of Marine and Electrical Engineering form into the Merchant Marine Academy, in April 1995, undo the agency of department. Department of Electrical Automation was set at the Merchant Marine Academy, in February 1999. The Department of Electrical Automation classified as Institute of Technology in February 2002, and classified as Logistics Engineering College in July 2003.

Department of Electrical Automation offers three undergraduate specialties, Electrical Engineering and Its Automation, Automation, and Control Technology and Instrument. Electrical Engineering and Its Automation is the Shanghai College Education Highlands Construction specialty, owning Electrical Engineering Post-Doctoral Research Station, a doctoral discipline of Power Electronics and Power Drives, a first discipline of master degree of Electrical Engineering (with Power Electronics and Power Drives, Electrician Theory and New Technology, and Electrical Machinery and Apparatus secondary discipline of master degree), and a secondary discipline of master degree of Control Theory and Control Engineering. The PMB Power Drives and Control Engineering is the key disciplines of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission,  taking Port, Shipping and Marine Electrical Engineering as the features, focusing on personal training for the field of Port and Shipping Electrical Engineering and on researching related to science and technology and academic issues. Actively carry out researches on Ship System Simulation Technology, Power Transmission and Control of Ship and Port Machinery, and Regenerate Energy Control Technology.

Recent years, undertake fund project of National Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Communications, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Education Commission, and enterprises project. Have adequate research funding and significant social and economic benefits. Establish long-term international partnerships with France, Poland and other countries. Share collaborative research projects and carry out academic exchanges.

On the basis of improving the teaching quality of undergraduate and graduate, Department of Electrical Automation also assumes the assessment of second engineer and fourth engineer.


Professors: Shi WeifengTang Tianhao,  Xue Shilong, Xie Wei, Wang Xihuai, Xiao Jianmei,  He Min, Wu Weimin, Wang Tianzhen

Associate Professors: Zheng Zongya, Chen Yihui, Huang Jianzhong, Liu Yijian, Zhang Siquan, Zhang Yan, Guo Yi, Han Jingang,  Xiang Yang

Lecturers/Doctors:Zhang Hong, Liu Ding, Wang Runxin, Zhao Bingjie, Fan Hong, Wang Xiaolan, Zhang Qin, Yu Dan, Lan Ying, Yan Cunliang, Geng Pan, Hao Jianna, Yan Zelu, Ye Lin, Chen Hao


Power Drives Division, Marine Electrical Division, Power Electronic Division, Automation Division

Department Director: Xie Wei

Department Deputy Director: Liu Yijian