Research Methodology(科研方法讨论)——General Issues and Practice (Fundamentals)

讲座摘要:This seminar series will provide PhD/MSc students with research skills required to carry out research projects. These skills include academic writing and literature review, presentation skills, project management and team work, as well as IPR and research ethics issues in engineering contexts. On successfully completing this series students are expected to be able to

(1) identify the current status of a particular research area and define the state-of-art in the area.

(2) plan a research project, including the definition of objectives, project management, experimental design and data analysis, verbal presentation and scientific writing

(3) undertake research using logical and effective methodologies, taking into account issues regarding IPRs and research ethics

(4) communicate with peers and understand team dynamics and roles in research projects

个人简介:卢钢教授长期以来致力于新型燃烧检测与诊断技术的研究,具有丰富的仪器仪表理论知识和工业现场测试经验,参与并主持完成了由英国政府、欧共体和工业界等资助的10多项大中型科研项目。已发表SCI、EI、核心期刊、国际会议论文90余篇,其中20余篇被SCI收录。获英国专利发明两项。2005年获英国测量技术创新奖,2006年英国工程技术协会(IET)工程技术创新奖(电力与能源类-新型火焰成像与监测技术),2009年获英国物理协会传感器及其应用会议优秀论文奖。The ‘Highlights of 2011-2012’ (only 37 papers) published in Measurement Science and Technology (IOP). 现为英国注册工程师,IEEE高级会员,英国能源协会会员。IEEE «仪表与测量»,IOP «测量科学与技术»,IET《图象处理》,《IET科学,测量与技术》,以及《燃料》,«过程控制»,«化学工程通讯»等国际学术刊物审稿人。