Logistics Engineering Colleges and Postgraduate School Co-host 2017 Shanghai "International Marine New Energy and Logistics Engineering" Graduate Academic Forum

2017 Shanghai International Marine New Energy and Logistics Engineering Graduate Academic Forum were held in Lecture Hall of Shanghai Maritime University’s Logistics Engineering College on October 25, 2017. Professor Yan Wei, vice president of our school, Ma Huimin and Guo Huanqiu, vice director Shanghai Dianji University, Qi Ziyuan and Xu Yuefeng, vice director of Shanghai Ocean University’s Graduate School, department heads of Shanghai Maritime University’s Graduate School and Logistics Engineering College attended the opening ceremony.
The forum was jointly hosted by Logistics Engineering College and Graduate School. More than 70 papers were included from universities such as French Naval Academy, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai Dianji University, Shanghai Maritime University and so on. The papers covered the fields of electrical engineering, testing technology and automation equipment, computers science and technology, ship and marine engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, logistics engineering and other related majors, attracting nearly 200 graduate students of related majors. In the meantime, Professor Didier Trichet and Professor Luc Loron from Nantes University, France, Professor Demba Diallo from University Paris-Sud, France, the expert of "Thousand Talents Program" and Professor Mohamed Benbouzid from University of Brest, France were invited to make special reports.
During the forum, 12 Chinese and foreign graduate students, including Zhang Milu, Liu Zhuo, Ding Xuan, Louis Gavériaux and Géraud Laverrière, made essay exchange reports. The students were inspired so much from participants’ communication, experts’ lectures and essay review
Depending on the regional advantages of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai International Shipping Center and China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone as well as the characteristics of Shanghai Maritime University in the field of logistics, shipping and marine science, the academic forum for postgraduates of "International Marine New Energy and Logistics Engineering", making use of the international channels of "China-France Joint School-running Project" and "Sino-Dutch Knowledge Innovation Center", "International Marine New Energy and Logistics Engineering" would combine marine new energy with logistics engineering, explored the international frontier issues in this field and built a first-class exchange and learning platform to serve the graduate students. This forum provided a platform for scientific research and knowledge innovation for postgraduates of relevant disciplines at home and abroad, led postgraduates in tracking the frontiers of marine new energy and logistics engineering disciplines and fostered the innovative spirit and innovative ability of postgraduates.