Creating a New Collaborative Innovation Platform of Production, Study and Research by Collaborative Development and Multi Point Linkage

In order to further promote our college’s platform construction in science innovation, reinforce the collaborative building work of Youth League Committee by school and enterprise, on December 29, 2016, Sun Shibin, Xu Xiaoyan, vice dean of our college and Yang Ming, secretary of the Youth League Committee and vice chairman of labor union, visited the Passenger Car Company of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. in LinGang base and be warmly received by Zhang Jia, secretary of the Communist Party Committee of LinGang base.

Secretary Zhang Jia expressed his warm welcome to Sun Shibin and his delegation. He also gave a detailed introduction to the current development and future development direction of Shanghai Passenger Car Company. He hoped that the two sides would continue to deepen cooperation based on the league building. At the same time, Secretary Zhang also introduced the vehicle, engine, warranty and JiYong feature studio work.

Vice dean Xu Xiaobin and vice dean Sun Shibin expressed their sincere gratitude to Mr. Zhang for his warm reception. He expressed that the college is accelerating the construction of innovation platform and hoped to build a synergetic innovation platform with Shanghai Passenger Car Company to give full play of the discipline advantages and make progress together. Yang Ming, secretary of the Youth League Committee, exchanged views on the cultivation of college students' core employability, the cultivation of student leaders privately and the cultivation of the student’s scientific innovative ability.

The two sides reached a preliminary consensus through the meeting and planned to find a real breakthrough in deepening cooperation in the areas of scientific research, teaching, practice, production innovation, student training and other aspects of multi-point linkage to truly change knowledge into productivity, to achieve enterprise’s innovation and development by fully making use of the advantages of the school and to create a new platform for collaborative research and innovation jointly.

Written by Yang Ming