Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures of IOP Applied Mechanics Group Held in SMU

From December 19 to 20, Symposium on the Mechanics of Slender Structures of IOP Applied Mechanics Group was Held in SMU. The scholars from the United States Maryland University, the United Kingdom Sussex University, the Netherlands Delft University of Technology, Japan's Sophia University, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities, as well as Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Research Center attended the conference. Huang Youfang, honorary chairman of the conference and president of Shanghai Maritime University and Yan Wei, Vice President of Shanghai Maritime University attended the conference.
President Huang delivered an opening speech to welcome the renowned experts and scholars from all over the world on behalf of the school. He hoped to take this platform to strengthen academic exchanges, to explore large-scale machinery and equipment structure of the cutting-edge technology and issues, to promote discipline construction and scientific research cooperation, and further enhance the research and academic level of Shanghai Maritime University.
Hu Haiyan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Beijing Institute of Technology, published a report entitled "Flexible Machines: Challenges of Computational Dynamics", and proposed the solution of nonlinear problems of rigid-flex system dynamic system which were widely used in aerospace engineering such as satellite antennas and robots.
Professor E.P. Petrov of the University of Sussex, UK, published a report entitled "Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Forced Vibration and Self-Excited Vibration Containing Contact Interface Structures", which analyzed the vibration of aero-engine blades thoroughly.
Professor Ren Hui of Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan and Harbin Institute of Technology, published a paper entitled " software development’s the practical application of beam and the board / shell unit under the absolute node coordinate system ,"which gave a detailed interpretation of the program design and calculation method on large-scale dynamic software Adams rigid and flexible system structure beam and plate / shell unit.
Prof. Zhu Weidong of Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan and the University of Maryland, USA, gave a lecture entitled "The Latest Development of Dynamic System Research", and made a comprehensive analysis on the problems of the dynamics system and put forward the future research focus and direction.
This symposium focused on the latest research and application of mechanics of slender structure, including structural dynamics modeling and analysis methods, vibration control, structural integrity and equipment condition monitoring and health assessment, etc., explored and analyzed the slender structure of large-scale mechanical equipment, flexible continuum vibration, static and dynamics and other related issues, experts and scholars for their future cooperation and application areas for in-depth discussion and extensive exchanges.
 International Conference on Mechanics of Slender Structures is a series of meetings organized by IOP Committee on Applied Mechanics, which has been held for 6 times in 10 years. The conference was held successfully in which a total of 22 academic reports were published. The conference was sponsored by the British Institute of Physics and Shanghai Maritime University, hosted by Logistics Engineering College of Shanghai Maritime University, co-sponsored by Beijing University of Technology and supported by Germany DOM3DLTD. and South Korea FUNCTIONBAY INC..