The Representatives of Northumbria University Visited the Logistics Engineering College

On Oct. 10th, Professor John Tan, Director of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Northumbria University, together with the head of Northumbrian University's Beijing Office, visited the Logistics Engineering College. Prof. Xu, vice dean of Logistics Engineering College, met with the visitors in Room 508 of Logistics Building, attended by the principal of the Sino-Dutch Mechatronics Engineering Department, Mr. Yao Gang, and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

First of all, Prof. Xu welcomed the arrival of Prof. John Tan. Northumbria University is a well-known British University which maintains good relationship with our University. The undergraduates of Sino-Dutch Mechatronics Engineering Department of Logistics Engineering College visit Northumbria University to study and exchange and make a good feedback every year. The two sides talked about the matters related to renewing the contract and expanding the scope of visiting students and discussed many details. Professor John Tan introduced Northumbria University’s recent short-term study program for foreign students (including the Summer Program), and introduced Northumbria University’s research platform and its strong strength in the hope that the college scholars of Logistics Engineering College could make academic exchanges.

Finally, Prof. Xu welcomed the teachers and students from Northumbria University to communicate with us. Prof Xu emphasized that the direct exchange between young people would help to strengthen the emotional ties between the two universities. The visit of Northumbria University also laid the foundation for the future cooperation between the two sides.

Logistics Engineering College

Oct 12th, 2016