Prof. Xu Xiaoyan, Assistant Dean of Logistics Engineering College Visited Hogeschool Zeeland

From July 14 to 15, Prof. Xu Xiaoyan, assistant dean of Logistics Engineering College of Shanghai Maritime University visited Hogeschool Zeeland. Bert Schollema, dean, and Bert, head of teaching affairs of college received Prof. Xu and his party warmly and talked about the cooperation in running school. Prof. Bert Schollema briefed Prof. Xu on the recent progress in teaching, research and international cooperation, as well as the study and life situation of the students from Sino-Dutch cooperation major of Logistics Engineering College. Prof. Xu said that since 2007, the two universities have recruited the undergraduates of the Sino-Dutch cooperation majors in mechanical and electrical engineering, electrical engineering and intelligent control. The cooperation between the two universities has been highly recognized by school and society. Prof. Xu showed his gratitude to Hogeschool Zeeland for its efforts in the Sino-Dutch cooperation program. China and the Netherlands made in-depth discussion on further improving the quality of cooperative education and strengthening the international academic exchanges of related majors. Prof. Xu and his entourage, accompanied by Bert Schollema, etc., visited industry-university-research cooperation base of Hogeschool Zeeland which is characterized by innovative ideas.

During the visit, Prof. Xu was invited to give a lecture at the graduation ceremony of all 2016 graduates of Engineering and Technology College (including the students from our university). Prof. Xu expressed his warm congratulations to the graduates, and hoped that graduates can grow up gratefully and continue to strive for excellence. Subsequently, Prof. Xu and his party had a cordial exchange with students from our university who practiced in this university.

Logistics and Engineering College

Oct 28th, 2016