Professor from Winona State University was Invited to Teach at Logistics Engineering College

On May 27th, Prof. Narayan Debnath from Winona State University was invited to teach at Logistics Engineering College for 11 days. Professor Narayan's main content was about software development and testing principles and techniques in the field of logistics. The course, in line with the current development in the field of logistics informationization which was very practical, attracted a number of undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students. In class, Professor Narayan explained the life cycle of software development for students and put importance on explaining the principles, methods and techniques of software testing for the whole life cycle. Professor Narayan also took some common problems in the field of logistics as example which applied knowledge into practical problems so that students could better understand the relevant knowledge. Aiming at some core concepts which were hard to understand, Professor Narayan explained them patiently with some simple, vivid story to make students understand deeply.

Through this course, students at different stages were all benefited greatly. Undergraduates had a more comprehensive understanding of software development and testing in the field of logistics which laid a solid foundation for their study in the future. Graduate students mastered more skills of software development and testing which would help them better carry out and complete the research task in the future. Doctoral students were inspired by some of the core principles of the course which could be applied to their own research in related fields.