Wu Xinyang

 I’m a probationary member of the Communist Party of China from the Logistics Engineering College. My major is the electrical engineering and automation.
To begin with, though I have ranked the first place in the first year after I enter the university, I am still strict to myself. I listened to the teacher attentively and became more hard-working so as to keep myself in the leading place of study scores of the second year. Due to my diligence, my score in the English level six test is 550 which is a good result. Because I have spare time left after studying, I carry forward the traditional virtues of helping others. No matter what difficulty my classmates meet with in study, I will try my best to help them and explain the answers patiently.
As to the work, I’m the league secretary and study committee member of my class. To finish my job perfectly, I reminded myself daily that I must shoulder the responsibility and work harder. Not only have I finished my job smoothly and efficiently, but also I have built a bridge between teachers and students.
To my personal life, I am a positive warm-hearted person. In my daily life I always share my joys and sorrows with my friends. As a result, I live a peaceful and harmonious life with my roommates and classmates. What’s more, I always attend the activities which can deepen the friendship between me and my classmates.
Finally, let me talk about my comprehensive quality. The score of my comprehensive quality is 3.54 during the second year of my college life. It guaranteed the scholarship belonged to me.