Master Program for Specialty in Power Electronics and Electric Drives

The authorization of master’s degree in this specialty was gained in 1987. Through more than 10 years set up by Shanghai Education Commission Key Discipline Projects on Power Electronic and Electric Drives, it established a good development condition. Now the specialty has putting up a new Key Discipline Project supported by Shanghai Education Commission. There is a Research Institute of Electric Drives and Control Systems with 5 professors, 6 associate professors and an invited professor. Their research interesting focus on 4 areas: electric drives and control systems for the applications in ships or harbor equipments; power electronics technologies for the applications in renewable energy developments; electromagnetic measurement and EMC for the applications in ship power quality control and static prevention.

Main Research Direction


Research Direction Title

Main Research Content

Graduate Student Tutors

Renewable energy and ship electric propulsion systems

Renewable energy and power conversion, Electric drive systems and its control methods, Intelligent information processing and intelligent control

Tang Tianhao, XieWei, QianPing, Wang Tianzhen,

Power electronics technologies and equipments

Power electronics technologies, equipments and its applications

Liu Yijian, Wu Weiming, Han Jingang,Wang Runxin

Electromagnetic testing and power quality control technologies

Electromagnetic testing and harmonic analysis, EMC theory, technology and methods

Xu Xiaoyan, YaoGang, Zheng Zhongya

Electric control technologies for ship and harbor systems

Theories and methods of computer control, communication and system integration for ship and harbor systems

Xue Shilong, Wang Bulai, Chen Yihui, Guo Yi