Master Program for Specialty in Electrical Power System and Automation

The discipline of Electric Power System and Automation was set up relying on the Leading Academic Discipline Project of Shanghai Education Commission. There are 3 professors. The objects of specialty research are power systems, which include shipboard power systems, port power systems and distributed electric power systems. Research contents include: power system control and reliability, power system optimization and energy intelligent scheduling, smart grid, distributed power systems and interconnect technology, all electric ship power system stability and control.    

This discipline has Shanghai Maritime University - Schneider Electric Joint Laboratory (shipboard power system lab) to carry out teaching and research works for shipboard power systems and automation. The marine power distribution control panel in the laboratory was designed independently which meets maritime industrial standards. There are three Dongfeng-Cummins diesel prime motor and Marathon generator units, tunable electrical load of Resistance-Inductance, various types of electrical parameter detection and analytical instruments, mathematical analysis software and electric system design and simulation software. This discipline has some invention patent, such as: “A kind of shipboard automatic electric power station development platform”. Potential graduates of this discipline could work in shipboard or port power systems design and control. Parts of the graduates further their study to the program of doctor’s degree of electric engineering.

Main Research Direction


Research Direction Title

Main Research Content

Graduate Student Tutors

Power system Control and reliability

Modeling and control of power system, especially of the marine and port power system; application of power electronics, electric drive technology in power system.

Shi Weifeng,

Wang Xihuai,

Xiao Jianmei,

Huang Jianzhong,

Zhang Yan,

Li Cuiling, etc

Power system optimization and energy intelligent scheduling

Optimization and scheduling theory and methods of power system; application of intelligent technology in power system.

Distributed power systems and interconnect technology

Smart grid; control, interconnect technology, safe and reliable control and power quality monitoring of independent power systems / distributed power system.

All-electric ship power system stability and control

Zonal distribution integrated shipboard power system stability and control; integrated medium voltage DC shipboard power systems; electrical reconfigurable shipboard power system.