Master Program for Specialty in Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Theory and New Technology was set up on the Shanghai Education Commission Key Discipline in 2011, it has two professors. This discipline involves: new materials, new technology, new energy, environmental protection, national defense, port and shipping industry. It is a combination of basic electrical theory and other related subjects. The research content involves: new power conversion technology, intelligent information processing and detection technology, marine electric propulsion control technology and new energy hybrid power electric propulsion technology in shipping industry. This discipline is the basic discipline of electric engineering, it is also the growing point of interdisciplinary subject and inter-discipline subject

There are two laboratories: Electrical and Electronical Experimental Center of Shanghai Maritime University and Electrical Automation Experimental Center, where students could research on the above mentioned areas.

Main Research Direction


Research Direction Title

Main Research Content

Graduate Student Tutors

Theory of electrical engineering and electrical control technology

The main research contents include shipping, ports, marine, transportation engineering theory application, electrical equipment automatic control technology, electric power systems.


Ying wuliang,

Liu Yijian,

Wu Weiming,

Xue Shilong,

He min,

Chen Yihui,

New generation of electrical energy and transform technology

The main research contents include new energy power generation technology, efficient electric energy conversion theory and application technology of a new variable frequency system, development and application of power electronic system, composite technology.

Ship electric propulsion control technology and new energy hybrid electric propulsion technology

The main research contents include ship and port equipment power transmission and control technology, small and medium-sized ship electric propulsion control technology, harbor green power supply technology.

Intelligent information processing and detecting technology

The main research contents include electrical equipment operating data collection, processing technology research, mathematical model, monitoring and intelligent detection technology