Master Program for Specialty in Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus

Electric Machinery and Apparatus is the traditional discipline of electrical engineering. The science and technology researches of the electric machines and apparatus in the shipping and port systems, marine floating production devices and marine engineering equipments are set as the discipline connotation of Electric Machinery and Apparatus of Shanghai Maritime University. The research contents include the design and improvement, energy-saving control, stability and security,  and the intelligent technology, methods and principles of these electric machines and apparatus. The scientific research and postgraduate training are executed around the hot issues of this discipline.

The modern electric machinery and apparatus technology is a new combined set of materials science, computer technology, modern control theory, microelectronics, power electronics, electrical and mechanical technology. The theoretical methods and technology bases of this technology have been far beyond the theory of electromagnetic induction, which also includes the control theory, system theory, computer technology, signal processing technology, power electronics technology and etc. It is an integrated subject of various research areas with mutual penetration, crossing and mixing.

Main Research Direction


Research Direction Title

Main Research Content

Graduate Student Tutors

Power quality measurement and control technology of large electric machine

Study of electromagnetic measurement and harmonic analysis, electromagnetic compatibility theory, techniques and methods in the large electric machine systen

Xu Xiaoyan, Tang Tianhao,
Xie Wei, Wang Bulai, Chen Jing, Guo Yi, He Junji

Modern special electric machine  and control system

Principle and control technology of micro and special motor

Electric machine and system

Mechanism of electric machine, theory and method of system modeling, simulation, analysis and control, as well as energy-saving technology of electric machine