Master Degree Program for Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is a secondary discipline under Mechanical Engineering in Logistics Engineering school. Nowadays, the international mechatronics engineering synthesizes such technologies as mechanical, electrical and electronics, microelectronics, information, sensor, interface and signal transformation. In 2000, the Master degree was first conferred. In addition, this discipline possesses a stronghold on research and teaching team, including the world-famous logistics expert, Prof. Huang Youfang, and state-appointed excellent teacher, Prof. Mi Weijian. Specifically for port mechatronics engineering, the discipline secures a domestically-leading position and an international reputation. In particular, several entitles, e.g. the MOE research engineering center of CSCT, the MOE-specialized division and the municipal-key discipline, were appointed. Moreover, two international tripartite agreements were signed, i.e. Norway-Singapore-China Maritime and Port MOU and Korea-Japan-China MOT Action Plan, whereas collaborations with such world-class companies as ZPMC, Siemens and SAIC were set up. Accordingly, the main research directions focus on mechatronics system control and fault diagnosis, where the major research areas involve the remote monitoring on large-scale port mechatronics systems, remote communication and control, design and integration for electrical control systems, virtual control and machine vision for port loading and discharging systems, structural stability and cracking control for large-scale port machinery, fault diagnosis and analysis system development on port machinery, and wire/wireless network transmission platform of logistics management and control. The graduates in this discipline are oriented towards the mechatronics departments of large port, shipping and manufacturing companies.

Directions of Research

Research Fields

Research Directions

Master Supervisors

Mechatronics System Control Technology

Remote monitoring and control for large-scale Port Mechatronics systems

Integration of port electrical control systems

Virtual control and recognition technologies for loading and discharging processes via container cranes

Huang Youfang, Lou Jin, Zhang Wei, Huang Saiqing, Shi Jianmin, Li Yong, Xiao Jianmei, Dong Dashan, Dong Lihua, He Saifei

Mechattronics System Fault Diagnosis

Structural damage detection using wavelet analysis method

Structural safety operation and control technologies for large-scale port machinery

Fault diagnosis instruments and analysis technologies for port machinery

Mei Weijian, Hu Xiong, Zheng Su, Xu Xiuzhong, Xu Ziqi, Yang Yongsheng, Luo Hongxia, Zhang Jiyuan, Huang Chonghua, Yan Wei