Master Degree Program for Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation is one of the directions within the discipline of Mechanical Engineering. It is a discipline to research mechanical manufacturing theory, manufacturing technology, automated manufacturing system and advanced manufacturing mode. Based on the traditional manufacturing theory and technology, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation integrates the latest development of all the related disciplines, which make manufacturing technology, system and mode present a brand-new look. In addition, this discipline possesses a stronghold on research and teaching team, including three research directions which are special processing technology and equipment, monitoring and diagnosis during the process of mechanical manufacturing. At the same time, some key experimental centers are established for this discipline, for example, engineering training center, modern laser manufacturing and remanufacturing laboratory and numerical wind tunnel laboratory. What should be mentioned is these three laboratories all have perfect facilities of software and hardware, providing a strong guarantee for teaching and scientific research.

After joining WTO, the pace of integrating into world’s economy for our country is accelerated, and the national policy of adjusting the structure of industries also make our country become one of the world’s biggest countries for manufacturing rapidly. What’s more, with the influx of foreign enterprises, our country has already become one of the important bases of the manufacturing industry.  For this reason, our country needs amount of persons who own applied senior engineering technology in the major of Mechanical Manufacture and Automation. The persons are in short for that can use computer for the design of mechanical products, and use CNC technology of manufacturing. So they should have broad prospects of employment. The graduates in this discipline are oriented towards the forefront of industrial output, being engaged in the job for designing and manufacturing, developing technology, applied researching, operational administration and management sale in the field of mechanical manufacturing. Because of the importance and the large scale of the region of mechanism, a large number of experts in this field are needed. So the professional persons majoring in mechanical domain are still popular in a period of time in the future. At the same time, enterprises eager to absorb professionals in numerical control, then the supply-demand ratio is very high in mechanical design and fabrication. From the perspective of the development of machinery industry, the prospect of main products (e.g. printing machinery, numerical control machine tool, power generating equipment, mechanical engineering, etc.) is still valued. Apart from these traditional industrial areas, the industry will develop further to photoelectric integration, and expand to new fields like optical processing and environmental protection.

Directions of Research

Research Fields

Research Directions

Master Supervisors

Special processing technology and equipment

Laser advanced manufacturing technology

Modern laser remanufacturing technology

Laser science

Hong Lei, Song Guangming, Wu Gang, Shi Juan, Huang Wanjuan


Monitoring and diagnosis during mechanical manufacturing

Wavelet analysis method application in structural damage detection

Engineering signal processing technology

Monitoring and forecasting technology of crane working status

Dong Dashan, Zheng Su, Mi Weijian, Xu Xiuzhong, Hu Xiong


Computer aided design and manufacturing

Mechanical simulation technology

Computer integrated manufacturing system

Manufacturing automation technology and system

Zheng Su, Hong Lei, Luo Hongxia, Yang Yongsheng, He Yafei