Master Degree Program for Mechanical Engineering

Logistics Engineering is one of the directions within the discipline of Mechanical Engineering. To ride on the advances of logistics industry, this direction was formally established in 2006. Up to date, the logistics, a sector of modern service industry, has become a heat in academic research and industrial practicality. by the Dean of Logistics Engineering School President Mi Weijian personally, this professional owns strong faculty and research integrity echelon, including the modern industrial engineering, logistics engineering, logistics, and information technology these three researches. The Curriculum has similar professional synchronization with the world's top universities, and other research areas in the container port state in the domestic first-class and internationally leading position. At the same time, the professional has the "digital logistics," "industrial engineering" and other key test center, which has complete software and hardware facilities for teaching, research provides strong protection. The employment of graduates mainly includes ports, airports, shipping company, modern logistics enterprises, large state-run enterprises and multinational logistics sector.

Directions of Research

Research fields and relevant directions for Logistics Engineering Mechanical are presented as follows.

Research Fields

Research Directions

Master Supervisors

Modern Industry Engineering

Advanced manufacturing technology, Manufacturing simulation system and modeling

Project management, Quality control, Reliability and economic analysis

Web-based manufacturing technology, Manufacturing visualization technology, Data processing

Xu Ziqi, Yang yong, chen huanli, shi xiaowei, dong lihua, ma jie etc.

Logistics System Engineering

System optimization, Process control and modeling

Logistics system design, Logistics equipment, Cost management

Artificial intelligence, Prediction and decision- making technology

Mi weijian, lin guolong, yan wei, zhuyunxian, liang chenji.etc

Logistics Information Engineering

Logistics equipment remote monitoring, Automatic recognition technology

Virtual reality technology, Equipment and system Modeling

Database management, Data mining, Network infrastructure

Huang youfang, shi jianmin, Xu Ziqi, tian yu. Gao gengjun, yangbin, shi li etc.