Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Update: 2012-11-27

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Professional CategoryMechanics

I. Educational Objectives

The major is aimed at producing engineering talents and technical personnel who are competent in the designing, manufacturing, technological development, application study,operation management of logistics equipment,with the help of the relevant foundamental knowledge and specialized skills of mechanical design and manufacturing automation. 

II. Education Requirements

The major is aimed at training students to acquire the basic theoretical knowledge of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, and that of Technology of Electronics, Computer Technology and Information Processing Technology. After getting trained the basic skills under the experienced modern mechanical engineers, students are supposed to be able to master the foundamental abilities to undertake the task in logistic equipment design, manufacturing, equipment control and management. The curriculum of the major is composed of 3 parts which are core disciplinary courses, major courses, and practical training courses. The two core disciplines are Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. Major courses are Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical graphing,Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Electrotechnics, Mechanism and Machine Theory, Mechanical Design, Electronic Technology, Mechanical Engineering Materials, Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, SolidWorks Three-dimentional mechanical Design, Compatibility Principle and Technical Measurement, Foundamentals of Mechanical Control Engineering, and Testing Technology. The practical courses includes Metalworking Practice, curriculum design of mechanical principles, curriculum design of Mechanical Design, Hydraulic Drive Curriculum Design, Graduation Projects (including Graduation Thesis and Graduation Field Work).

electrician practice, power electronic technology curriculum design, electrical control curriculum design, graduation practice (design).

Upon graduation, students are expected

  1. 1. to have a good grasp of the technological foundational theory including: Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrics and Electrotechnics, Mechanical Manufacturing  and Automation;
  2. master the basic techniques of mechanical drawing, calculating, experimenting, testing, document-retrieving, programming as well as fundamental process manipulation;
  3. 3. to be familiar with the specialized knowledge of logistic equipment design and manufacturing, automation and management as well as the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology;
  4. 4. to be equipped with the fundamental abilities of scientific research and development and administration;

5. to have a strong sense of innovation and autonomy learning;

Requirements for the courses are as follows: After finishing all the Academic Discipline Courses and the Basic Main Courses, as well as the Practice and Experiment Courses, students needs to select the main courses related to their major according to different specialties. Those who specialize in Logistics Equipment are supposed to get the required credits from the following courses: Structure Mechanics and Metal Structure (1) Hoisting Machinery, Continuous Transportation Machinery, Vehicle Power and Chassis,  Warehousing Facilities, Structure Mechanics and Metal Structure (2) Port Machinery Electrical Drive and Control, Finite Element Software Applications, Information Retrieval and Utilization  in addition with the elective courses of curriculum designs related to the main courses;

Those who specialize in Advanced Manufacturing are supposed to get the required credits from courses like Manufacturing Technology of Machinery, Computer Numerical Control Technology, Welding Structures, Mould CAD/CAM, Introduction of Advanced Manufacturing technology, Quality Management and Reliability, Networked Manufacturing, and Information Retrieval and Utilization, in addition with the correspondent elective courses of Curriculum Designs related to the main courses.

III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees Conferred

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Academic Credits Required: 160 credits

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

IV. Curriculum and Credits Distribution

  1. 1.General Education Courses: 54 credits (among which 44 credits for the compulsory courses and 10 credits for the elective courses)
  2. 2.Basic Courses in the Discipline: 41.5 credits (no less than 41.5 credits)
  3. 3.Specialty-oriented Courses: 55.5 credits (including 39.5 credits for the required courses and 16 for the elective courses)
  4. 4.Optional Courses: 6 credits (no less than 6 credits)
    5.  Second Class (Extracurricular Activities):  3 credits (no less than 3 credits)

Ⅴ.  Education Plan