Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument

Update: 2012-11-27

Length of Schooling : 4 years

Professional Category: Instrument and Meter

I. Educational Objectives

This major is aimed at cultivating senior specialists in technology and engineering who are equipped with theoretical knowledge and application ability in designing and manufacturing, measuring and controlling the instrument and meter for automation, and who  master the relevant technologies in the field of measurement and control(especially involving systems for harbor and ship) so as to be competent in the designing, developing, applying, researching the instrument and control system and its operation management.

II. Education Requirements

The student of this major is required to study fundamental theories of Electronics, Computer Application, Measurement and Control, principle and designing method of Measurement and Control system, accepting basic training of modern measurement and control technology as well as instrument application, so as to be equipped with fundamental abilities in analyzing, designing, developing, applying and managing the measurement and control technology as well as the instrument system.

Upon graduation, students are expected build up a solid foundation of the knowledge about natural science, humanities ,art and social sciences, and to be able to use native language for expression correctly;

2. to have a good command of solid technology basis and necessary professional knowledge in the major concerned , including mechanics, electronics, optics, measurement and control, computer and communication, and etc.;

3. to master contemporary measurement and control technology with the combination of light, machinery, electricity, computer, communication, be equipped with experimental research abilities as well as abilities of designing and developing measurement and control system and instrumentation product in the field of measurement and control system;

4. to be proficient in a foreign language;

5. to possess strong self-learning ability, innovative consciousness and comprehensive quality as well as strong adaptiability at work.

III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees Conferred

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Academic Credits Required: 160 credits

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

IV. Curriculum and Credit Distribution

1. General Education Courses (54 credits)

Requirements: 44 credits for compulsory courses;10 credits for elective courses 

2.Basic Disciplinary Courses (41.5 credits)

Requirements: the total of 41.5 credits for basic courses in the Discipline.

3. Specialty-Oriented  Courses(55.5 credits)

Requirements: 39 credits for compulsory specialty-oriented courses; 16.5 credits for elective specialty-oriented courses.

4. Optional Courses(6 credits)

Requirements: 6 credits.

5. Second Class(Extracurricular Activities)(3 credits)

Requirements: 3 credits

Ⅴ.  Education Plan