The Academic Team Working Conference Held in Logistics Engineering College

On April 9, 2014, the academic team work conference of Logistics Engineering College was held in the logistics building room 506. The meeting was chaired by President Hu Xiong, vice President named Hong Lei, President assistant, the team leaders, and secretaries attend the meeting.

First, President Hu circulates a notice of each academic team’s evaluation index statistics situations from June 2013 to March 2014, analyzed the advantages and gap, and requested academic teams to strengthen the connotation construction, and at last a positive academic atmosphere would formed in our college. President Hu also requires and instructs the start fund distribution, the use of funds and so on, encouraging teams to organize regular all kinds of academic activities and management team timely track team work situation, dynamically reflect the team's work performance and provide monthly summary table of each team achievements.

Second, in the aspect of training the graduate, Dean Hu asked all of the academic teams to organize and strengthen the training of graduate students’ teaching according to their research direction and research contents. In declare provincial awards, Base on the existing achievements, President Hu required all the team members to pay close attention to the application information, integrate the materials, and declare all kinds of awards.

Finally, our college has planned academic salon activities in May 2014, requiring the academic teams to participate in the research including the approaches, achievements and directions; in early June 2014, our college would hold the topic studies on logistics engineering, combining with major and discipline advantages of Logistics Engineering College, researching the development of logistics engineering both at home and abroad, to promote the further development of the professional.

The lively atmosphere in the meeting hall, the active participants, the team members determined to meet the academic team working requirements of our college, organizes all the team members forming a strong force, to achieve the team's goals.

Logistics Engineering College