The Seminar for Team Work Project of Mechanical Major

On the afternoon February 26, the mechanical major team carried out a seminar of team construction project at room 315 of the logistics building. Relying on mechanical engineering and based on the teaching and research section of port machinery mechanics, this activity was in accordance with the set-up and work project (draft) of teaching echelon and professional team to establish the professional team of machinery design (logistics equipment ).

   In the activity of teaching and research section, everyone carefully discussed each index of professional team assessments and were clear about the team work goals from February, 2014 to May, 2015.Meanwhile, the workload of groups and individuals were implemented and budgeted. All the people were active to voice their opinions, stating that the assessment system should be regarded with a usual mind and attitude and a variety of teaching construction and teaching reform tasks should be completed with a good state and a positive attitude.