Logistics Engineering College held Postgraduate Academic Innovation Forum of Electric Engineering

Postgraduate Academic Innovation Forum of Electric Engineering was held by Logistics Engineering College in the afternoon of Nov.4th, 2013. The aim of this activity is to promote postgraduates to start active academic exchange, create powerful academic atmosphere, and improve their academic level and the ability of writing research report, and expressing academic views and results.

11 postgraduates of 2012 session majoring in Electric Engineering made academic reports on the research results in the past 1year. Prof. Mr. Tang Tianhao and Xie Wei were invited to attend the forum as academic judge. Freshmen postgraduates in this major were also present to study.

After each academic report made by postgraduates, Mr. Tang and Mr. Xie not only commented on these reports in academic terms, but also provided postgraduates with the problems in research and suggestions on following research direction, language organization and expression, as well as editing of PPT, which benefited both reporters and audience a great deal.

When the reports were finished, Mr. Tang made the speech of conclusion. He acclaimed the excellent reports and research results of 11postgraduates and encouraged them to think actively and make continuous innovation in research process so as to achieve perfect research results in two-year postgraduate study.