The Notice of New Year' s Day Holiday and Winter Vacation in 2013

Every school department and student in each class:

Following are the arrangements of New Year’s Day and winter vacation in 2013.

A.    Vacation Arrangement

a.    New Year’s Day Holiday is from 2012.12.30 to 2013.1.1, three days in total. 2013.1.1( Tuesday) is national holiday. 2012.12.29(Saturday) should work.

The classes on 2012.12.31(Monday) will be arranged on 2012.12.29(Saturday). The minor course will be arranged on 2012.12.30(Sunday).

During vocation, the shuttle bus from new campus will operate as weekends.

b. duration of winter vocation:

1) For students, the vocation is from 19th Jan.(Saturday) to 22nd Feb.(Friday). Student must register before 14:00 on 23rd Feb..

2) For teachers, the vocation is from 22nd Jan.(Tuesday) to 20th Feb.(Wednesday). Teachers work from 21st Feb.

3)For staffs, the vocation is from 23rd Jan.(Wednesday) to 19th Feb.(Tuesday).  Staffs work from 20th Feb.(Wednesday).

c. The make-up exams arrange during 21st Feb.(Thursday) and 24th Feb.(Sunday). The details will be published on Academic Affairs Office website around 5th Feb..

B. on duty and Other Related Matters

a. The student vacation safety education should be made by relevant departments. And these departments should notice the time of new semester and related procedures of registration in advance.

b. According to the working needs, every department should submit the vocation on duty table and related arrangement to Dean’s Office before 2012.1.18. 

c. Related department should arrange the safety, health and other tasks well during these vocations.

d. The operation plans during winter vocation will be noticed later.